Saturday, September 10, 2005

[MDGs] EXHIBITION: Photographers put anti-poverty goals in the frame

08 Sep 2005
Source: AlertNet
By Kirsty Whalley

LONDON (AlertNet)

If a picture paints a thousand words, international photographers are hoping the power of images will help convince world leaders to turn worthy rhetoric into action in meeting U.N.-sponsored goals to cut extreme poverty.

A photography exhibition in London coinciding with the mid-September U.N. Special Summit puts the Millennium Development Goals in the frame, inviting viewers to empathise with the people shown and get to grips with the eight targets aimed at halving extreme poverty by 2015. Photo essays by leading photographers bring to life the first seven Millennium Development Goals, which include reducing child mortality, promoting gender equality and fighting HIV/AIDS.

“We want to build on the momentum created by the African Commission and the Make Poverty History campaign,” said Adrian Evans, director of exhibition sponsor Panos Pictures. “We are inviting people to contribute to the exhibition of the eighth goal by thinking about how they can help change the world.” The eighth Millennium Development Goal is to develop global partnerships for development.

Zed Nelson, who photographed families in Dhaka for the first goal of halving the number of people living on less than $1 a day, recalled being asked by his subjects whether the pictures would make a difference. “You want to say yes but you don’t know for sure,” he said.

“Eight Ways to Change the World” runs until Sept. 18 at the Bargehouse gallery in London.

A small selection of images from the show is available here: