Friday, February 06, 2009

How to Triple a Corn Harvest

Kenya's dry months of April, May and June prevent farmers from being able to plant their crops early. Only when the rain finally comes can the harvesting season begin. For farmer Agre Ranyondo, the short season would yield just 10 bags of corn, which were far from sufficient to feed his family of 8. The Millennium Villages Project intervened for him and other farmers, providing seeds better suited for the region, fertilizer, and instruction on how to use both. Because of their help, Mr. Ranyondo now collects 50 bags of corn, enough to feed his family and even some to sell for profit. The Millennium Villages Project is not cheap, but it is proving to be effective- the farm is now self sufficient, providing Mr. Ranyondo with enough earnings to purchase his own seeds and fertilizer.
Source: CS Monitor