Friday, March 20, 2009

What Should be Discussed at the G20 Summit

With the G20 summit drawing near, United Nations Development Programme's MDGs adviser Eveline Herfkens presents her opinion of what should be discussed during the April 2 meeting. The main problem, as she sees it, is that "the world lacks an effective system of global governance" as a result of three major deficits. First is the compliance deficit; country leaders agreeing on certain commitments, and quickly breaking them within just a few months. Then there is the coherence deficit; countries taking opposing positions on various issues rather than acting collaboratively to solve those issues. Finally, there is the triple democratic deficit; the lack of voice of poor countries, of people in general, and of poor people in developing countries in particular. As a result of these issues combined with the current economic crisis, "Africa might be robbed of its one chance in a generation to make real progress," says Herfkens.

"Unless we start addressing the three deficits of global governance immediately, the present crises will result not only in missing the lofty promises of the Millennium Development Goals, but set back development for decades to come."

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