Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Keep up the Good Work

In an article for the Washington Times, former senator Dr. Bill Frist praises the efforts of the United States to fight measles, malaria, and AIDS throughout Africa. Although there has been success in these areas, however, Dr. Frist urges readers that there are serious issues which are being overlooked. Easily treatable pneumonia and diarrhea are taking the lives of countless newborns and young children.

"If 12,500 children were to die each day of preventable and readily treatable causes here at home, we would treat it as a national emergency. African children - who perish at that distressing pace - deserve a similarly determined and urgent response from their governments and the international community. Simply put, it is the right thing to do. We cannot continue to allow one of every seven African children to die when it is so readily within our reach to prevent those deaths. "

Dr. Frist urges American as well as African leaders to step up and do more to combat this issue. Specifically, he proposes that leaders at next month's G-8 Summit "declare that no country with a credible and accountable plan for newborn, child and maternal health should be thwarted for lack of donor resources. "