Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rumors about the Global Food Security Act

Critics of the Global Food Security Act, S.384, have recently begun using the argument that the bill promotes genetically modified (GM) technologies, and that any food aid provided would require any recipient countries to approve GM products. This argument might sound legitimate, but it has no factual basis. Actually, the bill does not require the use of GM technology by any farmers recieving aid. Each individual farmer retains the ability to make his own decisions on his crops. The only mention of GM technology in the entire bill is in section 202, where it suggests the possible benefits of using modified seeds to compete with harsh conditions such as drought or heavy flooding. In most developing countries, planting a successful crop is not just a matter of putting seeds into the ground; many farmers have the difficult task of combatting the unrelenting nature of their particular environment. The Global Food Security Act by no means makes it a requirement to use GM foods, rather it suggests its use for the sake of the farmers. To create a well-informed opinion about the bill, read the full text of it here for yourself, and remember to call your Congressional leaders to voice your support.