Friday, July 03, 2009

Hope for the Motherless

If a woman dies during childbirth in a developing country, the child has a very slim chance of surviving. By taking in those newborns, the Berega Orphanage in Tanzania works to reverse this pattern. They are different than most orphanages since they care for children only during the first 2-3 years. When the children grow old enough to digest cow's milk or eat regular food, they return to their village to be cared for by their extended family. To make the reintegration process easier on the young toddler, a female relative is usually present throughout the years spent at the orphanage. This way, the child builds a bond with a caretaker who will be able to take him or her back to the village. At the same time, these young women are provided with a basic education that they would not have been able to receive otherwise. The innovative program has saved the lives of many children.

Source: NY Times