Friday, September 04, 2009

Raising Small Animals Reduces Poverty in Ecuador

Guinea Pigs are a centuries-old delicacy for the peoples of the Andes – and for more than 100 families in Ecuador, they are a source of income and nutrition, thanks to a project supported by UNDP. According to Jeannette Fernandez, UNDP’s National Advisor for Risk Management in Ecuador, raising small livestock can also be a very profitable business, especially for small farmers. “It also offers employment opportunities for vulnerable groups, such as women, children and disabled persons. It is both a source of income and a means to significantly improve people's everyday diet."

This was made possible by using seed money supplied in part by UNDP, farmers and the Cevallos municipal government stepped up the raising and selling of Guinea Pigs. Training centres were created for 22 producers' associations to educate the farmers on how to rear and care for the animals. As well as marketing their products and the industrialization process of production.

Source Relief Web