Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Clinton's Global Initiative Conference Commences

The summit for the Clinton Global Initiative philanthropy opens today in New York and will go until the 25th of September. This year's conference is addressing the topics of innovation, global health, improving infrastructure, climate change and gender equality. The summit will be opened by President Barack Obama and attended by business executives, celebrities, heads of state and public policy leaders. This eclectic group of leaders all recognize that these are conversations that need to be had, and that results need to occur out of the upcoming discussions. The new issue at this year's summit is closing the gender gap, which Clinton put emphasis on when he said, "In all the world there is only one strategy which clearly shows population growth, raises income and promotes more social stability that is supported across all religious and cultural lines, and that is putting all the girls in school and giving young women access to the labor market." Some pledges have already begun between Visa and FIFA in order to reach parents and children and use soccer fundamentals as a way to teach personal financial literacy. Results and commitments from these conversations are key to achieving the goals of the summit. These activists recognize that all the issues present are connected, and there needs to be a global commitment in order to achieve these fantastic goals of human rights.
-Sara Frodge

Source Forbes