Friday, October 23, 2009

Electricity is fighting AIDS

There have been new developments in a way to deliver an AIDS vaccine. The preliminary trials have shown promising results, with more participants developing an an immune response to the virus. The new technique is called electroporation, which sends brief electric shocks to open a cell membrane so that the vaccine can get inside. The reason why other DNA vaccines don't result in a higher immunity response is because most of the DNA does not get into the cells; the electric shocks open the cell and put the DNA inside. Out of this testing, all that received the highest dose of electroporation developed an immunity. This was the first rial on healthy participants with a preventative vaccine. The next step is to try a higher dose of DNA with the electroporation. It is not a definite cure, but hopefully much closer to developing a preventative vaccine for the incurable disease that kills so many people all around the world.

-Sara Frodge