Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lets Fight Dirty Water Too

The good news is that since 1990s, the AIDS epidemic has not only received international attention, but because of the large amounts of funding going to fighting the disease, many people now receive the proper treatment for HIV and AIDS. The downside is that the amount of attention that has been focused on just AIDS is possibly miss directed; there are other diseases that are killing more, of which are mostly children. Clean water is being under-appreciated, and it happens to be much easier to solve than AIDS. Many children are dieing due to dirty water which leads to diarrhea. A positive side to this is that we can solve it, and it only costs about $2 for the zinc tablet that can cure them. So far, it is free to receive the medicine for AIDS, but not insulin. Another outcome of the concentration of funds on AIDS is an emergence of corruption, and some European countries have frozen their AIDS donations because of it. While fighting AIDS is and should be a priority, we need to broaden our scope and not let those that are suffering from more treatable diseases die.
-Sara Frodge
Source: guardian UK