Friday, December 18, 2009

Stoves Save Women and Save Trees

This week, the UN launched a pilot program that will be The Safe Access to Firewood and Alternative Energy in Humanitarian Settings, which will provide self sufficient stoves to 6 million women in Africa. This program is reaching 150,000 women in Sudan and Uganda. The issue of firewood is important because the act of getting firewood in these countries is very dangerous and time consuming for women. They can spend all day getting wood to cook food, or spend all their money just to cook. They can be raped and killed when they leave, and all this just to eat and provide food for their family. The SAFE stoves will help prevent these actions from occurring as well as save trees. The stoves are much more fuel efficient, they use less firewood and lower the health risks due to smoke. All of these are huge issues that can be solved with this simple plan. There is no reason that a women should have to fear rape or death, or worry about the financial burden just to heat a stove in order to cook. The project is partnered with Women's Refugee Commission, The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the UN Environmental Program.

-Sara Frodge