Friday, January 15, 2010

Major Inroads are Being Made in the Fight Against Measles

According to the 2008 Millennium Development Goal Progress Report, the developing world is seeing much progress in its fight against the highly preventable disease of Measles.

Routine immunizations for measles continues to expand worldwide with coverage steadily increasing since the year 2000. This increase in coverage is mainly due to the immunization campaigns that are focused on the areas of the world hardest to reach.

While the US child mortality rate is at less than 10 children per 1000 live births, that number increases to 100 or more in many countries of the developing world. Efforts at diminishing these numbers are being made and at less than $1 per child, the measles vaccine is the most cost effective health initiative currently available to help lessen the child mortality rate in the developing world.

- Tiffanie Depew

2009 United Nations MDG Progress Report