Friday, March 19, 2010

20,000 New Maps with AIDS Clinics

Maplecroft is a mapping company that literally puts risks on the map. A connection between transportation routes in Africa and the spread of HIV has been discovered by Maplecroft's research. Truck drivers moving up and down the continent are a source of spreading the virus across borders.

Now, approximately 20,000 new maps have been distributed throughout Africa with the locations of all HIV/AIDS clinics. About 160 clinics run by 40 different governments that provide free services are clearly shown on these new and improved maps. The truckers can see exactly where they can get health services along their transportation route.

The maps are printed in English and French for the different parts of Africa. The North Star Alliance Foundation, Maplecroft, and Royal Dutch Shell all had a hand in the production and distribution of these life-saving maps.

-Nick Mohazzabfar