Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Democratic Election Possibilities Rise for Guinea

The United Nations reports that the necessary $27 million needed to conduct the first democratic election in Guinea has almost been realized thanks to international donors.
Since the country’s independence from France in 1958, it has been ruled by two consecutive dictators, the last – Lansana Conte, was killed in December of 2008, and the country has since been in a state of constant turmoil.

After massacres and military coups, the country is optimistic about holding its first presidential elections on June 27th.

The $27 million will be used to help with a census, purchasing ballot boxes and ballot papers, civic education campaigns, human rights sensitization, transportation and logistics.

The future democracy of Guinea will not only open electoral freedoms for the population, but will also recommit the U.N. and other international leaders to the deeply rooted humanitarian and developmental issues that remain prevalent in the country.

-Michelle Leung

Source: Africa Good News