Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Presidential Study Directive – ‘A New Way Forward on Global Development’ Released

A preliminary draft of the Presidential Study Directive (PSD) was leaked to the media last week, and it answers many questions being asked by global development advocates on how President Obama intends to act on his bold, ambitious commitments to fight global poverty. The PSD reviews and adjusts U.S. policy priorities in terms of development strategies, and is signed by the President every four years.

People view this directive with enormous promise for ‘a new vision of development as an elevated and core element of US foreign policy.’ The PSD outlines goals for American investment in global development, bringing stability to nations emerging from conflict, addressing poverty, enhancing overall economic growth, and supporting universal values.

Advocates for global development are hopeful for this new PSD because it focuses heavily on how U.S. funding will be allocated instead of the historical ‘trade-off’s’ that were undertaken within the initiative.

For more information on the draft visit website for Modernizing Foreign Assistance.

-Michelle Leung

Source: Huffington Post