Friday, May 14, 2010

TED: Innovative Inventions to Squelch Malaria

Check out yet another truly unique idea from Ted: Ideas Worth Spreading. Inventor Nathan Myhrvold discusses what his company creates to better humanity.

Working off of the major killer in Africa and other parts of the world, Malaria, Myhrvold and his colleagues have developed a laser-based device that can be used to track and kill dangerous mosquitoes. The remarkable invention will make a perimeter around the most important areas susceptible to Malaria, such as clinics, homes, and farmland.

Aside from the featured laser device, other great inventions are presented. For example: a vaccine refrigerator that lasts 6 months using no power. Additionally, there are three different devices for identifying Malaria-infection in people without extensive testing and a highly trained professional to examine. One is similar to a diabetes testing kit with a single drop of blood, one that is ocular, and finally one that is tested through the fingernails where blood vessels can be found.

It's a very interesting video, I highly recommend it.

-Nick Mohazzabfar