Monday, May 03, 2010

Water for (Some) of the World

Less than two months ago World Water Day was celebrated everywhere, reminding us of the value of clean drinking water. Likewise, World Water Day generates attention for those who continue to suffer from lack of safe drinking water. While it is a positive movement and brings awareness to those of us who may take for granted the facility of access to drinking water, the battle must not begin and end with that one day a year.

Recently reported by WaterAid (taken from a UN-Water and WHO report), only 42% of water aid is applied where it is needed most. The consequences of diminishing aid are the increase in diarrheal deaths, the second biggest cause of death for children under five. The remaining 58% of water aid is unevenly distributed to other nations which receive more media attention from conflict such as Georgia or Jordan.

To become active in the fight for clean water, contact your local congressional office and support Water for the World Act. More information can be found on The Borgen Project website.

- Leah Kelly