Wednesday, June 23, 2010

UNDP Launches Economics and Gender Curriculum

On June 11, 2010 a new degree at Makerere University in Uganda, launched in conjunction with the UNDP, a new Master of Arts degree focusing economics and gender in which, is the first of its kind in an African University.

The degree is aimed at arming policy makers and planners with knowledge and tools to apply gender consideration in economic analysis and policy-making.

"It is expected that the course will lead to better streamlining of gender issues in policy formulation and planning at various levels; national, regional and beyond," said a UNDP communications advisor. "It is also expected that the skills and rigorous analysis that will be gained from the course will contribute to accelerating achievement of the Millennium development Goal on Gender (Goal 3)."

Dr. Gabriel Opio, Uganda's Minister of Gender Labour & Social Development said, "The Masters Degree will provide Africa with a new generation of economists, planners and policy makers, who are aware of the costs of existing gender inequalities." He said the cost to national development incurred from gender inequalities is immense.

-Molly McNeill