Monday, August 16, 2010

Eco-vuvuzelas Create "Social Upliftment" in South Africa

Earlier this summer at the FIFA World Cup the world became all too familiar with the vuvuzela. A traditional South African instrument popular at soccer matches, the plastic vuvuzela has amassed a multitude of complaints from environmentalists. In an effort to combat these concerns, repurpose otherwise forgotten materials, and create jobs for South Africans, Adam Carnegie has started a business creating hand-painted vuvuzelas out of dried kelp. Carnegie employs local artists to decorate the vuvuzelas, though no prior experience is necessary. Carnegie hopes the project will create sustainable employment through "social upliftment". He says, "Social upliftment is not just about employment but teaching entrepreneurial skills and understanding... We can transfer skills in painting, but we also want to transfer more than that. We want to transfer the message of the environment, but also the message that we are players in this economy."

- Clara Hill