Friday, October 29, 2010

Dreams Become Reality

This is Jane. She used to dream of becoming a surgeon, but being too poor to finish school and go to college stood in her way. This did not stop her from living the life she has worked so hard to make for herself and four kids. Jane is a "Mitumba Queen." Mitumba is the business of selling second hand clothing that arrives in Kenya from European and American regions in massive bales. This second hand system not only provides jobs, but is very competitive and profits are low. Jane has modified her business from buying to selling and created a niche.

Jane buys clothing from Mitumba and adds value by taking these clothes apart and re-making clothing for local Kenyans. Her specialty is girls dresses. She makes things you would never find in Mitumba-Sunday best! The frilly, pretty, lacy dresses are for special occasions. Jane buys used wedding dresses for Ksh 500 (USD 7) and from each one she can create three girls dresses and sell each for Ksh 1,500 (USD 21). It takes her only 45 minutes to sew each one and she can make and sell up to 40 per month making a generous profit which has literally allowed her to step out of poverty.


Jane's story is inspiring. She has significantly changed her life for the better. From slums to entrepreneur, her microcredit success has saved her life and her kids' lives. She has taught three others how to sew.

-Shereen Alibhai

SOURCE: AfriGadget