Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Microsoft Encourages Innovation, Techology

Every year Microsoft hosts the Imagine Cup, an international contest designed to encourage technological solutions to various information techology problems. This year Microsoft has launched the Solve This project, a campaign for non-profits and intergovernmental agencies to upload their requests for others to solve.

Last week, Microsoft allowed the first group of organizations to upload their requests. Organizations included USAID and a host of UN organizations. Based on their petitions, it is clear that one of the things that the developing world is lacking is innovative technical solutions in regard to education and literacy. While enrollment rates have been increasing worldwide, there is still the problem of ensuring that children get proper education while in the schools. As children fall behind in school it becomes increasingly more difficult for them to catch up.

Hopefully the best and brightest of our generation will develop programs that will help these organizations, taking home the Imagine Cup and improving the world at the same time.

-Corey Cox

SOURCE: Imagine Cup