Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Post-Election Perspective

The United States held their midterm elections last night with the Republicans taking over the House of Representatives. Regardless of your political beliefs, these upcoming weeks are important for The Borgen Project as we encourage legislation to be passed in the upcoming lame duck session as well as begin forging important relationships with our newly elected Congressmen.

Although many people dismiss the lame duck session as a two month void where nothing gets accomplished except for the occasional necessary legislation, we believe that this is a vital time. We must work with our Representatives to pass the Water for the World Act before the new Congress begins. Even if your Representative was voted out of office, keep calling them and encourage them to act.

On the same page, it is important to develop a strong relationship with your newly elected Congressmen. As they begin their transition into office, e-mail them, explaining what The Borgen Project is and what their goals are. Encourage them to look over legislation that will aid the poorest of the poor. More than likely, they won't be able to take phone calls yet, but their campaign site will be using their campaign e-mails until January. Congratulate them on their victory. Be friendly, be polite, but let them know the importance of eliminating extreme poverty.

-Corey Cox

P.S. The amount of money spent on political advertisements this year? $3,000,000,000, enough to provide 300 million people water for ten years.

SOURCE: The Water Project