Monday, January 24, 2011

Every Family in Central Africa Republic receives an anti-malaria mosquito net

Thousands of Americans joined in on the UN’s rally to protect Central African Republic (CAR) from malaria, the leading killer of children five and under. So today, Nothing But Net, Population Services International and UNICEF accomplished their goal of providing every family in CAR an anti malaria mosquito net. That is about 1 million nets within six months. In total Nothing But Nets, the grassroots campaign to prevent malaria in Africa has raised over $35 million dollars to go towards the 4 million nets distributed throughout Africa. Celebrities, such as Mandy Moore, are joining in on the campaign to help raise awareness and donations. Each net lasts up to three years and is able to protect a family of four during the night. The nets are an easy way to prevent a disease that kills a child every 45 seconds, and only cost $10 a piece.

-Teal Peterson

SOURCE: Population Service International