Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mobile Classrooms In South Africa

A grade 1 teacher in Orchards Primary School is comforting
a new student after he lost his school bag in the confusion. photo:
Sarah Makoe
Mobile classrooms in Tshwane, South Africa save the students and their parents from confusion as the first day of the school term begins. Because of a space shortage at a number of schools including Orchards Primary School, Amandasig Secondary School, Hammanskraal Secondary School and Doornpoort Primary School, school officials have created mobile classrooms to expand capacity and clear up confusion. These classrooms have helped thousands of new students to attend school who would have no school to go on the first day of the term. The schools also provided chemical toilets and stationeries, and is waiting for water supply and electricity from the municipality. A lot of students had to sit on the floor, but it did not dampen their positive mood toward education. This incident sends an urgent signal to the South African government to implement new strategies in the education sector especially in primary education.

-Nisha Noor