Friday, January 14, 2011

The Philippines Making Progress

After a long controversial battle with the Catholic Clergies the Reproductive Health Bill will finally be top priority for the up coming Legislative Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC). The Philippines has yet to make significant progress on the 2015 goals set by the Millennium Development Goals. Hopefully, the RH Bill is the push they need to get on the path in reducing infant mortality and improving maternal health.

The RH Bill will inform the people of their rights of parenting and the freedom of choice. “The bill is constitutional because it is consistent with the injunction against abortion and in fact would considerably reduce the incidence of abortion as unwanted and unintended pregnancies are avoided,” The Albay Lawmaker. In the November 2010 Pulse Asia Poll for or against the RH Bill, 69% accepted, 22% were undecided and only 7% disagreed with the bill. The majority of the Philippines are for accepting the bill and making progress in the battle to improve maternal and child health.

-Teal Peterson