Thursday, February 03, 2011

Finally, Hope For Many War Victims In Sri Lanka

On Februrary 1st, a multilateral program was launched between the Sri Lankan Government, the United Nations, and its humanitarian partners on the island off the southern coast of India to help rebuild and improve the lives of the thousands of people that have been affected by the war between the government and the Tamil separatists. Targeted for people in the northern part of Sri Lanka, the program is designed to assist the impoverished and displaced populations by providing frameworks and strategies for long-term sustainable economic development. Now that the decades-long war is over, the goal is to allow people to get back to leading normal lives, and ensure that living conditions for everyone are vastly improved. Some of the strategies outlined are to build shelters and homes, and to continue to support agriculture, food security, and livelihood recovery. With this partnership with the UN, the Sri Lankan Government is optimistic that the hard-hit northern regions of the country will be able to experience positive economic and social development, helping to improve the living condistions and welfare of thousands of people.

- Brock McNairy