Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Good News For Humanitarian Organizations: Wings Of Hope Is Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Great news for not-for-profit organizations as Wings of Hope, a charitable organization is nominated for this year's Nobel Peace Prize. Founded in 1962 and based at Spirit of St. Louis Airport, the organization provides medical air transportation to people in need worldwide. The organization operates 155 bases throughout the world, and their domestic and international programs assist more than a million people annually. More than 3,000 people around the world serve as Wings volunteers with more than 600 at the headquarters.

By the end of March a short Peace Prize nominee list will be compiled, and by late fall the Nobel laureate will be selected. Wings officials are optimistic about their chances of winning as they believe that they promote peace by helping people achieve self-sufficiency. It can be noted that "Doctors Without Borders", which won Nobel Peace Prize in 1999, uses the aircrafts of Wings of Hope to deliver their services.

-Nisha Noor