Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meet the Team

Name: Martina Georgieva
Location: Seattle
Role: Political Intern
Insider Info: Martina graduated from the University of Washington with her B.A. in Political Science. Her interest in global development led her to The Borgen Project. She enjoys outside exploring, running, reading, coffee, and movies.
Why I'm a Part Of It: "As a political science major, a lot of my coursework dealt with global development, which is what initially sparked my interest. After graduating I wanted to get involved in advocacy because I wanted to raise awareness about the many ways in which poverty impacts various populations and was motivated by the potential to help change the circumstances of impoverished people worldwide. I was also very impressed by the organization's humble beginnings- how one college grad saw need for something and actualized his vision into a nationwide campaign that accelerates progress against the world's poor."