Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meet the Team

Name: Faye Hoffman
Location: Waikiki, Hawaii
Role: Communications Director
Insider Info: Faye is an internet marketer and copywriter/editor who also specializes in PR and media relations. She spent nearly a decade in the television news business as an anchor, reporter, and producer. Faye has lived and worked all over the country and now makes her home in Waikiki with her husband, German Shepherd and Persian cats. She graduated from Washington State University with degrees in communication and psychology.
Why I'm Part Of It: I want to use my communications skills and media expertise for good! I spent years covering non-profits and poverty-related issues as a TV news reporter, and I can't think of another organization I'd rather share my media contacts and knowledge with. It's an honor to work with someone as driven and altruistic as Clint Borgen.