Thursday, February 10, 2011

Relationships Among Nutrition, Agriculture, And Poverty Discussed In International Conference

A very important conference is occuring in New Delhi, India this week to emphasize the critical relationships between nutrition and agriculture in reducing poverty. Over 900 leaders and experts in the agriculture and health fields from around the world are attending the conference, with the hopes of hashing out further plans, and enhance existing ones, to improve undernutrition. The U.S. is taking a large role during the conference, and is stressing its commitment to "supporting country-owned processes that integrate agriculture and nutrition for sustainable food security outcomes," which it believes will lead to stronger, healthier, and more productive communities. The U.S. is also leading discussions and panel talks on the United Nations Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Framework, which is centered around improving nutrition through increased advocacy and programming.

All in all, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton believes the conference in New Delhi is a step in the right direction towards the International Community of governments, NGOs, the private sector, scientists, and citizens joining together in a "comprehensive, coordinated strategy" emphasizing the links between agriculture, health, and nutrition in poverty reduction.

- Brock McNairy