Thursday, February 10, 2011

Victory For GCAP: Kenya Passes MDGs Bill

Kenyan parliament recently passed a motion unanimously which requires the government to provide a regular report on implementation of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This is seen as a major victory for GCAP Kenya who campaigned for an accelerated progress in achieving the MDGs by 2015. GCAP is the world's largest civil society movement that calls for an end to poverty and inequality. According to the bill, the government will now be required to publish a report on the performance and implementation of the MDGs within six months and at regular intervals.

The government is welcoming the new bill as they believe that it is time they keep their commitment to the Kenyan people by achieving MDGs by 2015. Most of the members of the parliament feel that it is the lack of implementation, not the lack of ideas that is keeping Kenya from moving forward. With the passage of this bill, the Kenyans are now hopeful that they will be able to achieve the goals set by the world leaders before the approaching deadline.

-Nisha Noor