Thursday, March 17, 2011

UNDP's International Centre for Private Sector in Development

A new UNDP center opened its doors last week in Istanbul, Turkey. This new facility is called UNDP's International Centre for Private Sector in Development, and according to UNDP administrator Helen Clark, it aims to engage the private sector in anti-poverty efforts and to be a source of expertise on building business models that promote home-grown enterprises and create employment in developing nations. The private sector has a main role in fostering economic growth and development, and institutions like this centre will be of great help, since they serve as knowledge depots and a way to link local, regional and global development actors.

People in country after country are calling not only for new freedoms and an end to injustice, but also for the chance to earn a decent wage and improve their standard of living. To meet their aspirations, countries need dynamic and competitive businesses creating jobs and spurring innovation” claimed Clark during the opening event. By actions like this brand new centre, UNDP tries to involve the private sector in international development and commit it to advance towards the accomplishment of the Millennium Development Goals.

- David Nebreda