Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Go Ethnics Go" And "Beat It"!

Inspired by Michael Jackson's hit song "Beat It", an anti-poverty group from Ontario, Canada has created an Youtube video, titled "Go Ethnics Go" in order to make politicians care more for reducing poverty. The group, "Colour Of Poverty" describes itself as an organization that works to “build community based capacity to address racism, the growing racialization of poverty and the resulting increased levels of deprivation, social exclusion and widespread marginalization of racialized individuals and communities across the province of Ontario.”

The video is a mock of the tactics of politicians belonging to different political parties of courting so-called “ethnic” voters during the 2011 Canadian federal election. Some people believe that in some key ridings in large urban centres like Toronto and Vancouver, swaying key blocks of ethnic voters could be the key to victory.

The lyrics of the video tries to motivate the "ethnics" to take actions against bad governance:

“They never ask you what you do around here
Don't wanna know your name, or if you really care
See the truth behind the lies, and reject their words of fear
So beat it, just beat it!

You have a choice, you better speak when you can
Don't wanna be an ethnic, be Canadian
It's time to take a stand, get a ballot in your hand
So beat it ! You want a fair and equal chance!”

Then the chorus goes on like this, “just eat it, eat it, spring rolls, samosas, chopped up or sliced, it doesn’t matter, cassava or rice, just eat it, eat it…..”

Charming, isn't it?

-Nisha Noor