Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Playing For Change: Connecting The World Through Music

Changing the World through the universal language of music is the goal of "Playing for Change", a movement that started as a documentary about musicians from different countries and blossomed into a project that tries to use music to communicate a message of peace and understanding. Playing for Change gathers musicians from different levels and from all around the world (including Manu Chao, or U2 member Bono) in a joint effort to transmit their message and make a real change. Their efforts have been successful, and thanks to Youtube and internet social networks, what begun as a documentary is now a widely spread and well-known movement able to launch its own foundation. The Playing for Change Foundation has suffered an amazing expansion in its short life. They have programs in 5 countries (Nepal, South Africa, Ghana, Mali and Rwanda), teaching music to 600 students and have created 130 jobs... And they are still growing. Besides, their music videos are some of the most powerful and touching versions of songs I have ever heard, so I encourage you to take a look at their videos and I bet you will have a delightful time with their unique style and their awesome talent.

- David Nebreda

SOURCE: Playing For Change