Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Borgen Partners with Global Coalition to Make Aid Transparent

Make Aid Transparent from Make Aid Transparent on Vimeo.

Publish What You Fund, a partner of the Modernize Foreign Assistance Network, launched a new campaign today to make aid more transparent. The Borgen Project has joined the coalition of more than 50 civil society groups from over 20 countries around the world to urge governments to share their aid information. This effort is important to make aid more effective.

Currently, there is not enough readily available information for donors to know where money is being spent or how much is being spent. Even governments receiving aid are not completely sure of where aid money is being spent. This lack of transparency undermines aid’s potential and effectiveness.

Aid donors held a meeting in Ghana in 2008 to begin work to make aid more transparent. They developed a way to share all relevant information in a common format. With this format, they can understand, compare and use the information. When donors and recipients know where aid is going, it will be spent where it is needed most and citizens will be able to know what it is being spent on.

This campaign will create a public push for governments to make their aid transparent. If governments are on board to share things like how much they are spending on aid and exactly where it is going, they will be able to see where aid is needed most and where it has the most impact. This way, one place will not receive too much aid going to health and not enough to water resources, for example. The Borgen Project is excited to be part of this campaign!

-Sami Ressler