Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Four Million Children Saved!

For months, the ONE campaign has been asking members to use advocacy tools such as social media and congressional calling to push forward their vaccine campaign. The campaign is said to save 4 million children in five years.

This month 150,000 signatures were reached on the petitions, thousands of calls were made, emails and letters were sent, and facebook and twitter were more than utilized. Because of the hard work and determination of members and active individuals, it worked!

Yesterday in London, USAID Administrator Raj Shah announced that the Obama Administration is committing $450 million over the next three years to the GAVI Alliance. This is the exact amount that ONE requested in funding. This money will be used to immunize more than 250 million children and will avert 4 million premature childhood deaths.

Bono, ONE’s cofounder, summed it up nicely in a quote from today’s press release:

“In most parts of the world diarrhea is a nuisance. In Africa, it can be a death sentence. Too many kids are lacking the medicines we can find at any corner drug store. Vaccines are a global health game-changer. And today, President Obama has said he is in it to win it. Along with strong commitments from others, the goal of saving four million kids in the next few years is within reach. The UK’s David Cameron deserves great credit for leading this powerful effort. Vaccines are simple, powerful, cost-effective tools that can save millions of lives. It’s crazy just how much sense it makes.”

Great job everyone who participated! This is huge! It just shows that when we use our voices and work together, amazing things can happen. Because of everyone's support, millions of kids around the world will have a brighter future!

-Gabrielle Gurian