Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oxfam's New Grow Campaign!

In a short time there will be nine billion people on the planet. As a result, "our societies must grow to meet our needs."

Currently, about one billion people across the globe go to bed hungry. Not because there is not enough food, but because of faltering, unjust systems. Also, because much of way we grow today is unsustainable and destroying the resources on which we rely.

Everyone has heard the type of economic/environmental "warning." But, it is true and it is time the world accepted it. Food and oil prices are on the increase, there are flat-lining yields, climate change, unfair trade and declining markets that affect us all.

We need a new way of thinking, a new way of growing and producing, one that actually contributes to human well being and the environment.

Oxfam has initiated a new campaign called GROW to tackle this huge issue. They assert that it is possible to grow more food fairly and more sustainably through reforming bad policies.

GROW is based on the idea of "growing better." This means investing in a new future for agriculture by first, "sharing better" and second "living better." Sharing better means transforming the way we manage the food chain, ensuring that people are not exploited and everyone has enough to eat through improving distribution.

Living better means rethinking the notion of prosperity by developing new ways to do business, run economies and our lives to protect resources and confront climate change.

Basically, focusing on what truly matters for future generations.

-Gabrielle Gurian

To support the campaign or read the PDF overview head to