Saturday, June 25, 2011

Quality Aid To Those That Need It

"Delivering quality aid is not just about giving the right amount; its about giving it in the right way."

Giving aid in the right way means targeting it to the poorest and most needy people, while distributing it on principles of equality.

Aid needs to be provided for building schools, public infrastructures and services, hospitals, reliable police forces and institutions that uphold human rights.

When aid is focused on supporting developing countries infrastructures and budgets, governments are able to develop effectively and help the poorest in their countries.

Of course corruption can be an issue in some countries, diverting the aid away from those who need it most. However, there are many methods that help people bypass corruption. For example, the Millennium Challenge Account requires countries receiving aid to meet transparency guidelines.

Though, many argue that aid can often times do bad, for the most part it is beneficial and can truly change the lives of the poor if we can start investing in what we know works. That means building up good, reliable and transparent infrastructures.

-Gabrielle Gurian

SOURCE: Health and Education for All Campaign - OXFAM