Thursday, July 28, 2011

If You Care About Something...Say It!

Obama addressed the Nation on Monday, July 25th to stress the consequences of a stalemate in congress and the affect it could have on the stability of our economy.

The President addressed the debates that have been going on in the House and the options put forth by both political parties.

On the one hand, Speaker Boehner has put forth a strategy that focuses on cutting programs that are important to social well being. Obama has called this a "cuts only approach," which will attempt to decrease Medicare/Medicaid, and attack student loans instead of distributing the burden equally and asking large companies to give up the enormous tax cuts they possess. This puts the economy, as well as local jobs and livelihoods at stake.

On the other side, the Senate has introduced a balanced plan to avoid default that makes a down payment on the deficit and asks the wealthiest companies to contribute. This way, the sick and working class don't become the "collateral damage of Washington's political war."

"How can you ask a senior citizen to pay more for her health insurance, but not a corporate jet-owner to give up the tax break that he didn't even ask for?" This is neither fair nor just.

Congress has one week left to act or America will risk default. And the debate does not seem any closer to reaching compromise.

This is where most people step back and hope it all works out. But, you don't have to!

If you care about something, whether its a balanced approach to the deficit, foreign aid spending, military spending, anything, tell your congressional leader.

-Call them
-Write them
-Email them

And its not just The Borgen Project or another non-profit that is saying this. Obama, the President of the United States, is pushing for Americans to start using their voice. At the end of his speech he urges Americans to tell their congressional leaders how they feel and what they want.

President Obama: "I am asking you all to make your voice heard, let your member of congress know."

-Gabrielle Gurian