Saturday, July 16, 2011

South Sudan: The UN's 193 Member!

The United Nations Security Council voted on July 13th to recommend the admission of South Sudan as the UN's 193rd member. The General Assembly voted Thursday to make the accession final!

"The South Sudan President Riek Machar told the Council that "South Sudan will be a responsible member of the international community and with respect its obligations under international law."

The UN has established two peacekeeping missions already in past months. One is in the disputed border area of Abyei and the other in South Sudan.

Ban Ki-Moon recently referred to the country as a new born, and "like any newborn, South Sudan needs help."

There are many challenges afoot on every front. The government and institutions remain weak, while social services, health and education are underdeveloped.

In accepting South Sudan the UN has committed to support the country in its struggle towards development, hopefully improving governmental and social infrastructures.

South Sudan, is the first new UN member since Montenegro in 2006.

-Gabrielle Gurian