Thursday, August 25, 2011

Famine in Africa

This is a days worth of food for Tede Lokapelo.

Shocking right? I started to think about what I eat in a day. I eat almost every three hours.

How is it even possible to stay alive with such little food?

Right, its not.

Tede talked to reporters about the changes he has seen in his lifetime in Kenya, how the climate has become drastically drier and traditions have been lost.

"It used to rain. It was never dry like this. Now maybe it rains for a few minutes, a few hours, but the earth is too dry to absorb anything. This drizzly rain is useless. If you look a the ground it is not even wet."

"In this community there are people called rain makers to prolong the drought. But God feels so far away now, and these traditions don't work anymore."

"Back then we had everything. Even wild animals, lions, elephants, buffalo. The last time I saw a lion was 1971. In 1988 the antelope started dying. I miss those animals very much. Today I only have seven goats. I used to have 200.

"It is too difficult now to keep animals. Our strong dependence on livestock, our old way of life has gone."

Tell your Congress to support aid efforts in Africa. Nobody should have to live like this.

-Gabrielle Gurian