Thursday, August 11, 2011

Girl Up!

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The new United Nations Foundation campaign Girl Up! is spanning continents to help American adolescent girls make a difference in the lives of girls all over the world.

It is a campaign by girls and for girls. The goal is to build grass root support among American teens to help their peers in developing countries stay in school, out free from child labor and save from violence.

The idea is to inspire the youth, who in turn will inspire those around them. These young girls will be the next generations leaders and by getting them engaged, Girl Up! hopes we can strive for a better future.

The campaign is only one year old, but has already caught the attention of First Lady Michelle Obama. She recently invited Girl Up! girls to the White House.

Already, 200,000 girls have signed up across the US. All the money they have made is funding programs for girls in developing countries like, Liberia, Ethiopia and Guatemala.

It is a wonderful program that not only helps the young girls of developing countries that so desperately need it, but also engages American girls as well.

-Gabrielle Gurian