Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Billion People Live In Chronic Hunger and IM MAD AS HELL!

One Billion people live in chronic hunger across the globe.

If that number did not hit you the first time thats......ONE BILLION PEOPLE! No different than you or I other than where they were born.

I know that sometimes when figures such as these are this large people disconnect from them, like they are not understandable.

Well heres the break down.
There are 6.94 billion people on earth.
That means that about one in seven are dying of hunger.
Thats almost 15% of the global population.
Thats almost the population of India (1.15 billion).
Thats a little less than the whole population of Africa.
Thats almost three times the population of Canada.
Thats insane!

Watch the video and sign the petition!
Tell congress what you care about!

-Gabrielle Gurian