Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who Is Leading In Aid Efforts In The Horn Of Africa?

Do you ever wonder who gives the most aid when tragedies occur? For example, who is the leading aid giving this year to the Horn of Africa?

You might be surprised by the numbers!

Canada -- 116%
Canada is the leader and has contributed more than their proportionate share to this crisis.
Italy -- 5%
Italy is lagging behind other states drastically. The government has committed less than $5m million. That is only $2 million dollars more than Sudan and still less than Belgium and Ireland.
United States -- 83%
The US is an aid giving leader to this crisis. The US has contributed $565 million.
Germany-- 26%
German has given much less. Although, the German public itself has already given $90 million in private donations, which is a beautiful demonstration.
Now the government needs to follow suit!
France -- 33%
Since France has food food security at the top of its list for the G20 this year it is also lagging in direct aid. It has not fulfilled its share of the UN appeal.
UK -- 208%
The United Kingdom is the true leader of the response to the crisis. It is contributing almost double of its fair share.

--Gabrielle Gurian