Monday, September 12, 2011

Anti-UN Legislation Underway in Congress

The UN first began under Franklin Roosevelt to bring together other nations as allies. Through the years, the UN and its agencies have sought international cooperation in law, security, economics, human rights, and social progress with the ultimate goal of one day achieving world peace. After nearly 70 years as an important leader of the UN, the US may forego its position.

Last week, representative lleana Ros-Lehtinen introduced H.R. 2829 that would threaten future funding to the UN from the US, which would therefore, cause the US to lose its leadership position. In opposition to the proposed legislation, the Better World Campaign has introduced the U.S. Lead Campaign in hopes to counteract H.R. 2829.

Peter Yeo, Executive Director of the Better World Campaign, said, "As the U.S. and the UN tackle serious security and political crises in places like Libya, Sudan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and deliver critical humanitarian aid to those affected by natural catastrophes in the Horn of Africa, Haiti and Japan, it is absolutely irresponsible to cut off U.S. support for UN peacekeeping and for UN operations."

The UN is vital in providing security and long-term stability to the country and others around the world. By deploying UN peacekeepers to areas that could be a threat, the US is saving huge sums of money by not sending military personnel. In addition, programs like UNICEF and the World Health Programme that both play a major part in humanitarian efforts across the world may have to disband if funding from the US is cut off.

"Now is not the time undermine U.S. national security and turn our backs on the world. It is time for us, for the U.S., to lead," said Yeo.

-Chelsey Dambro

Source: Better World Campaign