Thursday, December 01, 2011

Dedication at its Finest!

Nisha Noor is a fellow that started working for the Borgen Project in January 2011. After nearly a year of dedication, she has now reached 800 hours of work.

Nisha grew up in Bangladesh and graduated from the University of Dhaka, the largest University in the country, with a Masters in Economics. She then came to the U.S. to attend the Saint Louis University. She is currently in the process of graduating with a degree in Political Science. Last year, she moved with her husband to Seattle, WA and began working at the Borgen Project as an Intern. She then was promoted twice from Fellow and recently to the Human Resources Director. She has been an integral part of the organization and has interviewed most every volunteer that has gone through the application process. She spearheaded the PSA project, sending out over three hundred BP clips to TV stations across the country. She has also contributed to the blog and has done research on Economics and Politics in regards to global poverty.

Nisha is inspired by people such as Abraham Lincoln, Marie Curie, Nelson Mandela, and Aung San Suu Kyi who stood up for democracy efforts in Burma now Myanmar. She enjoys watching cricket, soccer, and tennis. You also won't be surprised to find her laughing to the newest political commentary on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart or the Colbert Report.

She is both a wonderful person and a hard worker. Soon she will be finishing up her newest degree and looking to start her career in the non-profit sector. In her lifetime, she would like to see a poverty-free world where every person has the basic needs for a successful life.

Congratulations Nisha! You deserve a good star in dedication to poverty reduction. We at the Borgen Project wish you all the best in your future endeavors and are looking forward to working with you further.

-Chelsey Dambro and the rest of the Borgen Project Staff Past and Present