Thursday, October 01, 2009

Asia Talks Poverty Reduction

350 delegates from 28 countries in Asia, 25 development agencies and embassies and 13 NGOs met this week to discuss sustainable development and poverty reduction for Asian countries. The opening speech the deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam, Nguyen Sinh Hung, declared that poverty reduction was vital to the development and economic growth of Asia. They believe that the poverty in their countries hinders the development of the economies, so in order to become more independent and profitable they must reduce the poverty in each country as well as in the area. In China there has been an effort to do this by targeting poor areas and implementing job generation, tax reductions and stimulous packages. the conference will be a forum for discussing sustainable development and sharing which social programs are working in different countries. They estimated more than 600 million people would suffer from poverty in developing Asia this year, and the goal of this conference is promote development and eliminate poverty. This is the third forum on social development in Asia.
-Sara Frodge
Source:China View