Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Water.org produces the Haiti Challenge

Water.org has made a commitment to provide clean drinking water to the developing world. At the Clinton Global Initiative Annual meeting, they and their co-founders Matt Damon and Gary White announced that water.org would be giving $2 million to the Haiti Challenge. This is enough to supply 50,000 people of one of the poorest countries with enough clean drinking water for the next 3 years. Just by supplying clean water they will help reduce the amount of poverty and disease, which will allow more people to lead healthy productive lives. The Haiti Challenge allows everyone to be involved in the process of bringing clean water, as well as reaching out to grant driven programs. Another outlet they are working on is the WaterCredit Initiative that works with micro-financing. Charity is great and will help reduce the people in need, however programs such as the WaterCredit Initiative will help those people remain out of poverty and improve their lives and the generations to come.
You can help out, learn more and donate at http://www.challenge.water.org/
-Sara Frodge
Source Water.org