Saturday, November 28, 2009

Creating Clean Water

From the University of Arizona, a Rotarian was able to secure $30,000 in grant money to fund a project he had heard about in Ghana. He used the Rotary club and the Engineers Without Borders club he was involved with in order to expand a water filtration system in Ghana . The system had been put in place earlier by a different non-governmental organization. It was slow and would brake down, making the local Ghanaians drink and use the unfiltered water from the reservoir. Thanks to his help and those of Engineers Without Borders, they were able to provide clean water for over 10,000 people cheaply because they did not have to contract the work for the filtration system. Clean water is a large problem for many developing nations and the simplest of diseases can spread when it is not available. Their help allows 10,000 people in Ghana to avoid these illnesses.
-Sara Frodge
Source: Rotary News