Friday, November 27, 2009

School supplies for Colombian children

10,000 displaced Colombian children recieved school supplies from a foreign aid organization last week. Because of the civil conflict that has been going on in Colombia for decades, many families have been displaced from their homes or have had their towns a place of warfare. This means that many families cannot afford to buy their kids even the very basic school supplies for their children. ADRA has been trying to help out in Colombia since 2005 focusing on Food Security, Economic Development, Health Care and Education. They are a non profit and non governmental organization located in 125 countries. For this specific dontation, a church group came to make the school kits part of their "Refugee Experience". The kits went to targeted regions and cities that have experience displacement or conflict. The reception of the school supplies was appreciated and all those that recieved them were excited to go to school the next day in order to use their new supplies.
-Sara Frodge